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Official shop for “Piccadilly and her Magical World”

Piccadilly and the Jolly Raindrops Hardcover Book

JR Book Image open.jpg
JR Book Image open.jpg

Piccadilly and the Jolly Raindrops Hardcover Book


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In Piccadilly and the Jolly Raindrops (ages 4-8), the award-winning third installment in the “Piccadilly and her Magical World” Picture Book Series, delight with Piccadilly as she learns to reframe her gloomy and rainy afternoon into one of the most fantastic days of her life! Piccadilly and the Jolly Raindrops is a tale of joy and wonder wrapped around what is perhaps one of the mightiest messages of all… children possess the power to choose a positive view of challenges. And when they exercise that power, the most magical of possibilities await!

Limited Edition: 1500 copies

56 pages. Ages 4-8. Hardcover book: 10″ x 10″. Encased in Wibalin FineLinen and embossed with gold. Language: English.
ISBN: 978-0983531166

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About the award-winning “Piccadilly and her Magical World” Picture Book Series:

The Piccadilly universe is one wherein children can imagine possibilities, experiment with ideas, and dream solutions as rich and diverse as they are. The first two installments in this series are Piccadilly and the Fairy Polka and Piccadilly and the Waltzing Wind.

About the Author:

Lisa Anne Novelline is an award-winning writer. She is the author of Piccadilly and the Fairy Polka and Piccadilly and the Waltzing Wind. Having taught both mathematics and problem-solving, she is inspired by her profound commitment to the cultivation of creativity and critical thinking along with her abiding love of nature. She holds a MEd in Teaching and Curriculum from Harvard University, a BS in Psychology from Northeastern University, and a BS in Mathematics from Lesley University. She is a mother of four and lives with her family in Massachusetts.

About the Illustrator:

Nicola Hwang is an Illustrator and Visual Development Artist from Singapore with love for all things whimsical and fantastical. She has contributed work to THX Ltd, Aspen MLT, Disney Channel Asia, Twise Singapore, and more. Her art has also been featured in shows such as ‘Curiouser & Curiouser’ Alice in Wonderland, ‘Project Neverland,’ and the ’12 Days of Star Wars’. She holds a degree in animation from Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Digital Media Design.

About the Recognitions:

The 13th Annual National Indie Excellence® Awards recognized Piccadilly and the Jolly Raindrops in the category of Children’s Picture Books: All Ages as a WINNER in this year’s competition. The National Indie Excellence® Awards exists to help establish independent publishing as a strong and proud facet of the publishing industry. Recognizing authors that put their heart and soul into their work, the NIEA is a champion of self-publishers and the small, independent presses that go the extra mile to produce books of excellence in every aspect. Established in 2007, the NIEA competition is judged by experts from all aspects of the book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers and professional copywriters. Winners and finalists are determined based on ‘overall excellence of presentation- a synergy of form and content.’

The 2018 LITERARY CLASSICS BOOK AWARDS have recognized Piccadilly and the Jolly Raindrops by Lisa Anne Novelline; pictures by Nicola Hwang as the GOLD medal WINNER in TWO categories: BEST PICTURE BOOK: ADVENTURE and BEST PICTURE BOOK: FANTASY. Selected from submissions from around the globe, distinguished honorees are recognized for their contributions to the craft of writing, illustrating, and publishing exceptional literature for a youth audience. In this highly competitive industry, these books represent the foremost in literature in their respective categories.

The MOONBEAM CHILDREN’S BOOK AWARDS recognized the “Piccadilly and her Magical World” Book Series by Lisa Anne Novelline as the 2018 BEST PICTURE BOOK SERIES: SILVER award winner.”The Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards are intended to bring increased recognition to exemplary children’s books and their creators and to support childhood literacy and life-long reading. The Awards recognize and reward the best of these books and bring them to the attention of parents, booksellers, librarians – and to children themselves.”

The 2019 NEXT GENERATION INDIE BOOK AWARDS, the world's largest international book awards program for independent publishers and self-published authors, has recognized Piccadilly and the Jolly Raindrops by Lisa Anne Novelline; pictures by Nicola Hwang as a FINALIST in the category of CHILDREN'S PICTURE BOOK (6 Years & Up). The awards are judged by leaders of the indie book publishing industry, including many with long careers at major publishing houses. Their love of a great read and experience in the publishing arena identify books deserving a wider audience. Catherine Goulet, Co-Chair of the 2018 awards proudly said, "Our program has become known as the Sundance of the book publishing world."

The MOM’S CHOICE AWARDS® has named Piccadilly and the Jolly Raindrops as among the best in family-friendly products and recognized it as a SILVER medal WINNER. The MCA evaluation process uses a propriety methodology in which entries are scored on a number of elements including production quality, design, educational value, entertainment value, originality, appeal, and cost. Evaluators are bound by a strict code of ethics not only to ensure objectivity but also to ensure that the evaluation is free from manufacturer influence.

THE WISHING SHELF BOOK AWARDS 2018 has named Piccadilly and the Jolly Raindrops by Lisa Anne Novelline a BEST PRESCHOOL PICTURE BOOK: SILVER medal winner and highly recommended. The children’s books were read and judged by children in eight UK primary and secondary schools. The books were marked according to EDITING, THEME, STYLE, COVER and, ILLUSTRATIONS.

Piccadilly and the Jolly Raindrops by Lisa Anne Novelline is a B.R.A.G. MEDALLION HONOREE. All books brought to the attention of indieBRAG, LLC are subjected to a rigorous selection process. This entails an initial screening to ensure that the author’s work meets certain minimum standards of quality and content. If it passes this preliminary assessment, the book is then made available to members of our global reader team who prefer that genre and the book is provided to them only if they request it. In both the initial screening phase and the subsequent group evaluation phase, each book is judged against a comprehensive list of relevant literary criteria. As soon as a decision is reached on whether or not a book will be awarded a B.R.A.G. Medallion, the author will be notified. This notification will include a summary report showing the ratings that were used to make the final decision.

Piccadilly and the Jolly Raindrops by Lisa Anne Novelline; pictures by Nicola Hwang has been named by the ERIC HOFFER AWARD committee a 2019 da VInci Eye Finalist. Each year, the Eric Hoffer Award presents the da Vinci Eye to books with superior cover artwork. Cover art is judged on both content and style. The da Vinci Eye is given in honor of the historic artist, scientist, and inventor Leonardo da Vinci.

Piccadilly and the Jolly Raindrops by Lisa Anne Novelline is STORY MONSTERS APPROVED. This designation recognizes and honors accomplished authors in the field of children’s literature that inspire, inform, teach, or entertain. A Story Monsters seal of approval tells teachers, librarians, and parents they are giving children the very best. Children enjoyed the book and are recommending it, too. After books pass a first round of rigorous judging by industry experts, the books are then judged by a panel of youth judges who must also endorse the books before they can receive the official seal of approval.